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Insiders Newsletter

insiders newsletterI have mentioned this before but here it is again: I realize that I do not provide very detailed information about my training program, which could be potentially more interesting to someone not familiar with how an elite athlete trains. I want to add content and offer more of my own insights. I am setting up an Insiders Newsletter for anyone interested.

The benefits of Insiders Newsletter are:

1) I am going to provide more information about my training and I am going to talk more about what the focus of each phase of training is.

2) I am going to offer some excerpts from my training journal, more frequent updates, Q&A and/or extra videos.

However, this is a PAID feature. People are paying to support me as an athlete in pursuing my Olympic dream, and also to get an inside scoop on how training is going. (for more information about rates please use contact form)

Here is an Insiders Newsletter Teaser from my December training:



I know how hard can it be when you must train alone. Therefore, besides the updates from my own progress and training, I offer a little help in a form of coaching tips from my own throwing experience. This only include coaching tips for hammer throw. I would be more than happy to watch your video and analyze it for you or even write you a basic or personalized throwing program. I am thrilled to help young or even advanced hammer throwers around the world and watch them progress and beat their old personal bests. I believe that with the right kind of training and commitment on both coach’s and athlete’s part, anything is possible! I also believe I could provide valuable information for someone who wants to take hammer throw seriously.

           (for more information and in case of interest please use contact form)

Video Analysis

Single video $20.00
3 videos package $50.00
10 videos package $130.00

Coaching tips

Basic program for one month $99.00
(Including lifting program + single video analysis)
Personalized program for one month (one on one) $149.00
(Including lifting and throwing program + single video analysis)
Basic program for a year $699.00
(Including lifting program + 3 video analysis package)
Personalized program for a year (one on one) $899.00
(Including lifting and throwing program + 3 video analysis package)
Basic peak program (season) – 3 months $249.00
(Including lifting program + single video analysis)
Personalized peak program (one on one) $399.00
(Including lifting and throwing program + single video analysis)