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Fall training update 2013

Hammer circle at Virginia Tech

I am back in training with some new Fall 2013 updates. I am excited about next season for couple of reasons. First of all, I went “under the knife” and got a shoulder surgery in September 2012, right after Olympic Games. The rehab took away the majority of my fall/winter preparation and unfortunately, it is still ongoing. The reason behind it: I was told I messed up my shoulder pretty bad, but I also was not very responsible when it came down to self-rehab and stretching during the main season 2013. The final result: my right shoulder still needs “some” attention from physiotherapists. Anyways, I did not have high expectations coming to the season 2013 after a major injury and look what happened. I have had the best season of my carrier so far with top 8 finish at World Championships and I have broken my PR twice to current 78,73mWhat else should I wish for? Well, how about breaking the 80m line!?! There you go, my number one reason for excitement about the upcoming season. Luckily, I happened to notice that no more surgeries took place on my body since last year. I suppose this is a good sign and I hope to stay injury free forever (injuries really DO suck). With that being said, my Fall training started on schedule and keeps moving on schedule too. And just like every previous season, I have slightly changed my program and I have tried couple of new things already. I believe this will make me a better overall athlete and I will be able to improve even further.

I recently asked you guys on my Facebook Fan Page if there is anything you would like to know and see from my Fall practice, and I received some suggestions and requests. Obviously, I would not ask such as question if I had some problems to show parts of my training. I am still open to pretty much everything regarding this topic (shoot me an email). The compilation of some “specific hammer” exercises and my indisputable video editing skills have met into two pieces of artwork. (not really sure what does it mean either). Here it is:






Coming NEWS:

At the end of this post I have some good news for all hammer throwers and coaches. I realize that I do not provide very detailed information about my training program, which could be potentially more interesting to someone not familiar with how an elite athlete trains. I want to add content and offer more of my own insights. I think about setting up an Insiders Newsletter for anyone interested.

The benefits of Insiders Newsletter will be:

1) I am going to provide more information about my training and I am going to talk more about what the focus of each phase of training is.

2) I am going to offer some excerpts from my training journal, more frequent updates, Q&A and/or extra videos.

However, this is going to be a PAID feature. People will be paying to support me as an athlete in pursuing my Olympic dream, and also to get an inside scoop on how training is going. For the start, it would be nice to hear some of your reactions about this feature. Would you like to know more about my training? Would you like to get more detailed answers to all of your potential questions regarding hammer throw? Would you like to train like an elite athlete? Would you like me to write you a training program for hammer throw? Please email memessage me on my FB fan page or comment on this post below. Let me hear your VOICE!

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