Here are some interesting videos from my own production.

However, if you want to see more awesome videos or just want to check out my PRs, please visit my YouTube channel.

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  • The Hammer Practice

    The hammer practice during one beautiful sunny Friday afternoon 25.11.2011 in Blacksburg VA, USA.

  • Road To Olympics

    Produced by: Nicole Lomnicka. London 2012

  • Special Hammer Exercices

    Special Hammer Exercices: 1. Swings with 53lbs/24kg plate 2. Drilling and throwing with 12,5kg plate on 110cm chain 3. Throwing 10kg hammer 4. Throwing 7,26kg hammer (for fun few throws)

  • Special Hammer Exercices 2

    Special Hammer Exercices 2: 1. Swings with 78lbs/35,5kg plate 2. One-hand hammer release with 25lbs/11.36kg weight 3. Drilling (turns) with 10kg hammer 4. Five-turn throwing 7,26kg hammer

  • PR: 77,43m

    Winning throw at Florida Relays on April 6st, 2012

  • World University Games 2011

    Fifth (73,85m) and sixth (73,90m) throw at the World University Games Shenzhen (China) 2011. I won silver medal in men's hammer final with 73,90m.

  • World Junior Championships 2006

    3th place at World Junior Championships 2006 in Beijing (China)

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