The life of an Olympic athlete can be financially demanding and therefore, I am always in need of sponsorship. Your generous sponsorship would help me tremendously in pursuing my goals. I will make sure to frequently mention your support on all of my social media sites such as Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and YouTube in which I am a very active contributor. For business or self-employed individuals, sponsorships can be considered tax deductible advertising for your company (consult your accountant) as I will use my website to advertise your business throughout the season. Furthermore, I will wear a logo of your company on my competition jersey while competing at the meets in the USA, as well as big international meets. If requested, I will make an appearance at special events organized by your company. I would greatly appreciate any amount that you are willing to offer me.


For further information or if you want to request the chart with my training expenses, you are welcome to visit my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or use the contact form on this website. Become one of my sponsors now!
Thank you for your consideration and continued support.

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