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Fall training update 2013

Hammer circle at Virginia Tech

I am back in training with some new Fall 2013 updates. I am excited about next season for couple of reasons. First of all, I went “under the knife” and got a shoulder surgery in September 2012, right after Olympic Games. The rehab took away the majority of my fall/winter preparation and unfortunately, it is still ongoing. The reason behind it: I was told I messed up my shoulder pretty bad, but I also was not very responsible when it came down to self-rehab and stretching during the main season 2013. The final result: my right shoulder still needs “some” attention from physiotherapists. Anyways, I did not have high expectations coming to the season 2013 after a major injury and look what happened. I have had the best season of my carrier so far with top 8 finish at World Championships and I have broken my PR twice to current 78,73mWhat else should I wish for? Well, how about breaking the 80m line!?! There you go, my number one reason for excitement about the upcoming season. Luckily, I happened to notice that no more surgeries took place on my body since last year. I suppose this is a good sign and I hope to stay injury free forever (injuries really DO suck). With that being said, my Fall training started on schedule and keeps moving on schedule too. And just like every previous season, I have slightly changed my program and I have tried couple of new things already. I believe this will make me a better overall athlete and I will be able to improve even further.

I recently asked you guys on my Facebook Fan Page if there is anything you would like to know and see from my Fall practice, and I received some suggestions and requests. Obviously, I would not ask such as question if I had some problems to show parts of my training. I am still open to pretty much everything regarding this topic (shoot me an email). The compilation of some “specific hammer” exercises and my indisputable video editing skills have met into two pieces of artwork. (not really sure what does it mean either). Here it is:






Coming NEWS:

At the end of this post I have some good news for all hammer throwers and coaches. I realize that I do not provide very detailed information about my training program, which could be potentially more interesting to someone not familiar with how an elite athlete trains. I want to add content and offer more of my own insights. I think about setting up an Insiders Newsletter for anyone interested.

The benefits of Insiders Newsletter will be:

1) I am going to provide more information about my training and I am going to talk more about what the focus of each phase of training is.

2) I am going to offer some excerpts from my training journal, more frequent updates, Q&A and/or extra videos.

However, this is going to be a PAID feature. People will be paying to support me as an athlete in pursuing my Olympic dream, and also to get an inside scoop on how training is going. For the start, it would be nice to hear some of your reactions about this feature. Would you like to know more about my training? Would you like to get more detailed answers to all of your potential questions regarding hammer throw? Would you like to train like an elite athlete? Would you like me to write you a training program for hammer throw? Please email memessage me on my FB fan page or comment on this post below. Let me hear your VOICE!

Hello hammer fans,


I know it has been a while since I wrote my last blog post and posted it on my website, but things were quite busy. Yes, there is always some free time that could be spent by writing a post, but let’s just say I like to be lazy…. “sometimes”.

I would like to start this post with some statistical data so I can really say that I have had the best season so far. During my 2013 hammer season I competed at fifteen competitions, the results ranged from 74,98m up to my new PR 78,73m, with the average of 76,997m. All the results can be found by clicking on this link.

Yes, I am very satisfied with this season. I accomplished almost all the goals I set up for myself at the beginning of the year. Firstly, I successfully defended Slovak national title at the end of June in Trnava, Slovakia (the hometown of Libor Charfreitag). Secondly, I qualified for both University Games held in Kazan, Russia and World Championships held in Moscow, Russia. Both of them were equally important to me since I knew that my competitors will be strong and only a good throw could produce a good final result. The University Games came first, 8th of July (two days after my birthday), and I was lucky to throw a new personal best of 78,73m and win silver medal behind pole Pawel Fajdek (79,99m). The video of my throw is below:

The World Championships came later, 12th of August, and I personally had two goals coming to this meet. The first one was to qualify to the finals and I managed to do so by throwing 76,97m (just three cm shy of an aic qualifying mark of 77m). The second goal was to throw six times in the final and I happened to do just that. However, it was the toughest competition I have ever been to. I started on a decent note and threw 76,62m. Then I put everything into my second throw but unfortunately, it landed one meter out of sector (~78,50m). The third throw was the toughest I have ever taken. I found myself sitting at 9th position behind pole Szymon Ziolkowski who threw 76,84m and therefore, I had to surpass him if I wanted three more throws. Luckily, I threw 77,57m and this happened to be my farthest throw of the day. I jumped into 8th position at the moment and earned another three throws. The fourth one was not so good because I had to throw immediately after my third one and it ended with a foul. My fifth and sixth (76,46m and 76,48m) were good throws but they already lacked some energy. Overall, I finished 8th in the World and enjoyed every single moment of this competition!


I also had the chance to compete at couple of IAAF Hammer Challenge meets. Currently, with only one more challenge to go, I am standing 6th with the score of 233,63m (78,15m+77,91m+77,57m). The complete standings can be found by clicking on this link. I am very satisfied with the steadiness of my form during the season.


I have experienced an awesome exhibition – hammer throwing over the river in Karlstad, Sweden! This meet was called “Skanska Open 2013” and was the most fun I have had with hammer in a while. They would bring us to the meet by a little speeding boat. The crowd was awesome as well. They would cheer us on with applause before every throw. Of course, the crowd got excited when someone threw all the way to the other side of the river, and I am happy it was me, who did it. I won this exhibition with a throw of 78,69m – new meet record. The pictures of the crowd, hammer circle, the cage set up, speeding boat and more can by found by clicking on this link.

Karlstad, Marcel Lomnicky, 2013 season wrap up

Hammer Throwing Over the River in Karlstad, Sweden

Lastly, the only thing missing in my 2013 season was an 80m throw. And maybe a medal at World Championships… but there is always next season and both of these goals need some time. Like I said before: This is only the beginning!!!

Radford Invite 2013 was my second competition of the year. I decided to compete since my first meet did not go as well as I planned to. However, Radford was one of those from-full-practice meets and I had no intention to throw really far. The point was just to slightly improve my season best and to try out new technical gains in a competition setting. I do not usually have problems with throwing at meets but at the beginning of every season, it is a little bit challenging for me to focus on technique and to stay loose when the body wants to throw as far as possible. Honestly, I still feel more comfortable throwing in practice than meets but I believe that will slowly change with the start of regular season. And the season is approaching very quickly.

Radford Invite, marcel lomnicky, hammer throw, results, hammer, lomnicky

Radford Invite 2013 Mens Hammer Results


This week is my rest week and I would also take one. With the throw of 77,06m from last weekend and the rest week ahead of me, I feel confident to improve my personal best this weekend. I will travel to Durham, North Carolina for 2013 Duke Twilight Meet on Sunday, May 5th. I love the circle down there and I believe this will be a great way how to end current training cycle.



My next big competition is going to be the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge in Ponce, Puerto Rico on May 18th, 2013.

Here is the video of my 77,06m throw:

Florida Relays, marcel lomnicky, results, hammer throw, 75.64m

Men’s Hammer Throw Results

I had my first meet of the season last Friday in Gainesville, Florida. I usually open up at Florida Relays every year since I really like the atmosphere, the circle is good enough to throw a big mark as well, and the weather! The weather has been almost always nice, warm and sunny. I said almost because it was a quite different story last Friday. The temperature dropped to about 17ºC (63ºF) and it was rather cloudy and a little bit windy. It was not terrible, but considerably cold for Florida and for what I was expecting too. Anyways, I felt physically ready and the only thing I was missing was my technique. During the meet, I could not figure out what was wrong. Plus I did not have the right feelings with the implement.


After all, I do not fell this was a bad opener. However, sometimes when you have a very high expectations you do not get satisfy with anything less. I know I could throw my personal best last week but I would rather save it for later, perhaps for the time when it actually matters. With that being said, I am really looking forward to this season.

My next official competition is going to be the IAAF Hammer Throw Challenge in Ponce, Puerto Rico on May 18th, 2013. However, I might go out there and throw at some local meet in Virginia in two weeks and treat it as a good practice.

Here is the video of my 75,64m throw:

Hammer throwing fans,


training, marcel lomnicky, university of miami, track and field, hammer throw, throwers, lomnicky, website, training update, progress

The hammer circle at University of Miami

I spent the last week of training at home of Hurricanes – University of Miami. This was a nice change for me mainly because the weather was nice, warm and I did not have to wear long spandex and long sleeve shirts during the practice. Another important reason was to leave the stereotype even for a short period of time. At the end of the day, I must say it was worth it and I went through some quality throwing sessions. The circle down in Miami is awesome and interestingly, I liked it much more than the one I am training at all the time. I do not have any videos of my throwing but I can tell that I got very close to all of my training personal bests last week. Thanks to Hurricanes coach Cory Young who also made this trip possible.


On another note, I decided to open up my season 2013 sooner than expected. I feel relatively good, and when there is a chance to break my personal best, there is nothing easier than show it at competition. I am most likely going to fly down to Florida again – Gainesville on Friday, April 5th 2013, for Florida Relays 2013.

Here is one more picture from training camp:

training, marcel lomnicky, university of miami, track and field, hammer throw, throwers, lomnicky, website, training update, progress

Me and Tomas Kruzliak in Miami

Hello people,


Safety Bar Squat, Marcel Lomnicky, Hammer Throw

Olympic Safety Bar

first of all, let me tell you how satisfied I am with this week of training. I have had some great throwing sessions and lifting was not too shabby either. At the end of the week, I did some Safety Bar Squats. I think that if you have a shoulder injury (like I have had) that prevents you from externally rotating your shoulders, this type of squats can be a great substitute. I feel the safety bar squats blend the effects of the back squat and front squat and it is easier on your shoulders. It also makes you stay upright when squatting which I think then prevents doing a half-squat/good morning movement on the regular back squat when you get into the heavier weights. This bar is designed to keep the bar high on the traps and force more of the weight forward on the body. This places more stress on the muscles of the upper and lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Therefore, I think this exercise is very similar to FRONT SQUATS without the fear of losing the bar forward.


Here is the video of today’s workout:


Hello followers,


I uploaded a video of me throwing 10kg hammer and actually hitting my new PR last week. In case you missed the memo here is the video again:

However, I wanted to share something else. It was really cold out there today and instead of throwing outside I decided to go inside and do some jumps. Since the outdoor season is getting closer and closer, I will start doing more jumps and other dynamic exercises to get ready for big marks with competition hammer.

Fans, I am getting really exited about this year because, even though I am still behind my schedule due to shoulder surgery, I am thinking about opening up the season in about a month and half (mid of April). The time usually flies very quickly here in the US and I already look forward to compete! Anyways, the video of me jumping is below:

Hello followers,


let me first start with the news of the week. I am very happy to become a Slovak ambassador for campaign called “Wir Sind Hammer” created by German hammer thrower Kathrin Klaas. I have been sympathizing with this campaign for quite some time and now I finally get the chance to speak up as well. I also created special page on this webpage devoted to “Wir Sind Hammer”. Please look for the title named EFFORT and you can read my statement and/or watch the official spot. For further information, “my voice” can be found at website. I have some good news for all my Slovak fans who do not necessarily speak English – there are two versions of my statement – one in Slovak language (default) and one in English that can be accessible through the English version of their website.

Of course, if you are not a fan already, please do not forget to “like” the Facebook Fan Page associated with “Wir Sind Hammer” campaign.

We all need to make sure the hammer throw is not being left out and will be a part of DIAMOND LEAGUE as soon as possible! We all know that “…… hammerthrow is awesome!”


Slovak Ambassador for "Wir Sind Hammer"

Slovak Ambassador for “Wir Sind Hammer”