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Hammer throwing fans,


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The hammer circle at University of Miami

I spent the last week of training at home of Hurricanes – University of Miami. This was a nice change for me mainly because the weather was nice, warm and I did not have to wear long spandex and long sleeve shirts during the practice. Another important reason was to leave the stereotype even for a short period of time. At the end of the day, I must say it was worth it and I went through some quality throwing sessions. The circle down in Miami is awesome and interestingly, I liked it much more than the one I am training at all the time. I do not have any videos of my throwing but I can tell that I got very close to all of my training personal bests last week. Thanks to Hurricanes coach Cory Young who also made this trip possible.


On another note, I decided to open up my season 2013 sooner than expected. I feel relatively good, and when there is a chance to break my personal best, there is nothing easier than show it at competition. I am most likely going to fly down to Florida again – Gainesville on Friday, April 5th 2013, for Florida Relays 2013.

Here is one more picture from training camp:

training, marcel lomnicky, university of miami, track and field, hammer throw, throwers, lomnicky, website, training update, progress

Me and Tomas Kruzliak in Miami

Hello followers,


I uploaded a video of me throwing 10kg hammer and actually hitting my new PR last week. In case you missed the memo here is the video again:

However, I wanted to share something else. It was really cold out there today and instead of throwing outside I decided to go inside and do some jumps. Since the outdoor season is getting closer and closer, I will start doing more jumps and other dynamic exercises to get ready for big marks with competition hammer.

Fans, I am getting really exited about this year because, even though I am still behind my schedule due to shoulder surgery, I am thinking about opening up the season in about a month and half (mid of April). The time usually flies very quickly here in the US and I already look forward to compete! Anyways, the video of me jumping is below:

Hello followers,


let me first start with the news of the week. I am very happy to become a Slovak ambassador for campaign called “Wir Sind Hammer” created by German hammer thrower Kathrin Klaas. I have been sympathizing with this campaign for quite some time and now I finally get the chance to speak up as well. I also created special page on this webpage devoted to “Wir Sind Hammer”. Please look for the title named EFFORT and you can read my statement and/or watch the official spot. For further information, “my voice” can be found at website. I have some good news for all my Slovak fans who do not necessarily speak English – there are two versions of my statement – one in Slovak language (default) and one in English that can be accessible through the English version of their website.

Of course, if you are not a fan already, please do not forget to “like” the Facebook Fan Page associated with “Wir Sind Hammer” campaign.

We all need to make sure the hammer throw is not being left out and will be a part of DIAMOND LEAGUE as soon as possible! We all know that “…… hammerthrow is awesome!”


Slovak Ambassador for "Wir Sind Hammer"

Slovak Ambassador for “Wir Sind Hammer”

Okay, here we go!

The website has been finally launched. It is not the most creative website out there but there were only two people involved in building the website from scratch – myself and my mom! She deserves a lot of credit because she spent quite amount of her free time figuring things out. Considering the circumstances, I can say that I am very proud of what we have done. I know there is a lot of room for improvement and this would be my mission for the future – be progressive, creative and most of all, show the world and our hammer throwing community the sport of HAMMER THROW from my own perspective. I hope you all will enjoy the ride and please let me know your suggestions for improvement ASAP.

On another note, I know it has been a while since I created a throwing video but I had a shoulder surgery in August of 2012. Long story short, I have not had the time and honestly, the mood to do it when I thought it was worth nothing. Fortunately, I am feeling much better now and I almost train on 100% again. I recently uploaded a video from my January training and in case you missed it, here it is:

Finally, I will make my best to give this website as creative feel as I possibly can. Now, let’s throw some hammer far, shall we?