“Wir Sind Hammer”

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Kathrin Klaas – “Wir Sind Hammer”

The campaign “Wir Sind Hammer” created by German hammer thrower Kathrin Klaas has some interesting goals that I can identify with on 100%. The goal I have found the most important is:

  • “We want that hammer throw to be treated equally to all other Track and Field events, being included in the highest levels of competition– especially including the elite meetings and venues scheduled throughout the year.”    (more at wir-sind-hammer.de)

This includes the Diamond League as well. The point is to be viewed and treated as equals among other track and field athletes.


Yes, I also believe that hammer throwers deserve more. They deserve more respect and support from the IAAF because not only hammer throwers do not have the same opportunities as their fellow athletes in terms of competing in elite competitions, but the IAAF has clearly been discriminating the event since I remember. This is a huge mistake and we all need to take a part in fixing it. Therefore, I am very proud to be a Slovak ambassador for this campaign. “…… hammerthrow is awesome!”


Check out this cool Spot:

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