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let me first start with the news of the week. I am very happy to become a Slovak ambassador for campaign called “Wir Sind Hammer” created by German hammer thrower Kathrin Klaas. I have been sympathizing with this campaign for quite some time and now I finally get the chance to speak up as well. I also created special page on this webpage devoted to “Wir Sind Hammer”. Please look for the title named EFFORT and you can read my statement and/or watch the official spot. For further information, “my voice” can be found at wir-sind-hammer.de website. I have some good news for all my Slovak fans who do not necessarily speak English – there are two versions of my statement – one in Slovak language (default) and one in English that can be accessible through the English version of their website.

Of course, if you are not a fan already, please do not forget to “like” the Facebook Fan Page associated with “Wir Sind Hammer” campaign.

We all need to make sure the hammer throw is not being left out and will be a part of DIAMOND LEAGUE as soon as possible! We all know that “…… hammerthrow is awesome!”


Slovak Ambassador for "Wir Sind Hammer"

Slovak Ambassador for “Wir Sind Hammer”

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